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The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club

8311 Laurel Bowie Road

Bowie, Maryland 20715

Established in 1938

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John Pepper Memorial Subgun Shoot

  • 15 Oct 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • BRGC 50ft and 50yd ranges

On sunday 15 October 2017 The BRGC ClassIII members will present and host another John Pepper  Memorial Submachine gun shoot. ClassIII members will display an assortment of submachine guns from their collections for regular club members and guests to see, learn about, and possibly shoot. BRGC members and guests are encouraged to attend and possibly meet John Pepper, a BRGC member of long standing and decorated Korean War veteran. Some submachine guns may be static displays, while others will be able to be fired on the respective ranges under the supervision of the respective owners and range RSO's. Anyone wishing to participate and fire subguns are required to provide brass cased, quality made, new (not reloaded) ammunition in the popular subgun calibers of .22lr(plated bullet), 9mm fmj, and .45acp fmj. Anyone attending this event is also required to provide their own hearing protection and eye protection. Guests are encouraged to attend but may not be allowed to fire subguns in full auto mode. Any questions regarding this event should be directed to the ClassIII chairman at, otherwise we'll see you there.

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