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The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club

8311 Laurel Bowie Road

Bowie, Maryland 20715

Established in 1938


All Berwyn Rod and Gun Club Inc. (BRGC) rifle matches and events are for the enjoyment of our members and invited guests. Our primary focus has been and will remain safety. All events are run with a spirit of good sportsmanship and under the authority of the rifle chair and designated range safety officers.

Dates and times for matches can be found on the calendar.

The CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) .22 Sporter Shoot

This event involves shooting a non-target-specification .22 caliber LR rifle from the prone and sitting/kneeling positions at 50 yards and offhand (standing unsupported) at 25 yards. Rifles should meet the following specifications: 7.5 pounds or less overall weight, with a trigger pull weight of 3 pounds or greater. Full rules can be found here. Scores achieved with any rifle that does not conform to the CMP rules will not be submitted to the CMP. Conventional rifles are divided into “T” and “O” classes according to the type of sights they have. T-Class rifles may have telescopes with a maximum of 6 power; variable power scopes must be set to 6X. O-Class rifles must have traditional open sights with a “U” or “V” rear sight notch and a post or bead front sight. Rifles with aperture sights were previously placed in the T-Class. Match sponsors, however, have the option of offering an aperture sight class if there are sufficient entries. The Tactical Rimfire Class allows shooters with modern military rifles chambered for .22 cal. rimfire cartridges to be used. Tactical rifles must comply with the 7.5 pound weight and 3.0 pound trigger requirements. Tactical Rimfires may have telescopic or aperture sights.

Centerfire 3-Position Rifle Shoot
This event is a stripped down version of the NRA high power rifle match. Shooters may employ any center-fire rifle that meets the safety requirements of the BRGC rifle range and is capable of rapid fire strings of 5 shots. Competitors are scored in two separate categories: "Military" for iron sighted as-issued rifles of military origin, including John-Garand-Match-legal M-1 rifles and "Sporting" for all other rifles including match-tuned NRA High Power rifles and all rifles with telescopic sights. The officer running the match will decide classifications if there is a dispute.

D-Day Memorial Shoot
These yearly shoots commemorate pivotal events of World War II. The BRGC events allow combat rifles used by any combatant of the European theater during WWII. This is liberally interpreted to include older military repeaters from any combatant nation of WWII as well as rifles from neutral countries. Rifle fire will be at 100 yards and utilize both prone and offhand positions to engage silhouette targets. The course of fire includes sighters, 10 rounds each slow and rapid fire from the prone position and 10 rounds slow fire from the offhand (standing) position.

Past Rifle Events

Balloon / Tennis Ball Shoot

This is a timed event open to shooters of any rifle with any sights (ARAS) and capable of shooting 5-shot strings without reloading. Targets are brightly colored toy balloons at 100 yards. Shooting is from the prone position and the winner will be the fastest shooter to break 5 balloons. If no one breaks 5, the fastest to break 4 will be the winner and so forth. The balloon shoot is basically the same except with tennis balls, making smaller and trickier targets.

Buffalo Wings Shoot

This match is based upon the once-popular "Bear and Buffalo" silhouette match run at AGC several years ago. Targets are paper but are printed with silhouettes of bison (the "buffalo") and prairie chickens (the "wings") more or less in proportion, size-wise. Other shapes may be present as well. Hitting the smaller targets earns more points. Shooting is done in two stages, offhand and sitting-with-shooting-sticks. Rifles must be chambered in a rimmed centerfire cartridge and either the rifle or the cartridge must have been introduced before 1900. That is, a Winchester 1894 in 44 Magnum is eligible because of the rifle's introductory year. The officer running the shoot will have final authority over what is eligible but will apply the usual BRGC common sense interpretation to any disputes. Bonus points are earned for using black powder or for firing a rifle that was actually produced before 1900!

Deer Shoot

This is a real fun event where hunting rifles are used to fire at a life size paper deer target, with points awarded for hits in "vital areas" of the deer. Any centerfire rifle that is legal to fire on the BRGC range may be used although deer-appropriate calibers are applauded as appropriate to the spirit of the match. Firing scenarios include simulations of shooting from a tree stand and leaning against a tree. In some of the scenarios, the deer target is stationary and in others the target is exposed for only a few seconds. Deer hunting stories abound. 

Paper Varmint Shoot

One of the favorite BRGC events, here shooters may use either bench rest or prone positions to steady their aim as the attempt to score hits on a life-size picture of a groundhog. Prone shooters will earn bonus points over bench shooters. To make the game even more interesting, hitting the miniature bullseye printed on the target is awarded extra points. One reason this event is so popular is that practically any rifle can score points by hitting the groundhog but only the best rifles and shooting technique can score the maximum points on the bullseye. This is a great meet-up for hand loaders and precision marksmen and for those who want to be.

Small Bore Precision Match

This is a match for your most accurate rifles in any rimfire caliber with any sights. In phase one, shooters engage bullseye targets to accumulate points. In phase two, shooters have the option of shooting a benchrest group of five shots. The "par size" of the group is 3/4 inch. Groups under this size earn bonus points while larger groups cause deductions from the bullseye score. Some slider math is involved. Every year this match is a favorite of those who participate.

For additional information on rifle matches, please contact the rifle chair at

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